Sailors and Parents

What do I need to bring

Here’s what you need to think about when you pack for your trip.

Living on Thermopylae or Discovery DSP is a little like camping, but without the mud, cows or bugs. It’s best you pack reasonably light, but bring plenty of warm clothes. If you pack as you would for a camping trip you won’t be far wrong. Bring warm clothes that will still be warm if they are damp. Jeans are bad, fleece or synthetic is good.

Just like if you are camping, if you bring anything that must not get wet (phone?), you’ll need a plan to protect it from dampness. Think about a case, or if all else fails a plastic bag.

Sun and windburn are uncomfortable, and are a higher risk at sea than on land due to reflection from the water. Even early or late in season, bring high factor sunscreen, a sunhat, some sunglasses if you can.

We will provide waterproofs. You need to bring your sleeping bag, and whatever you like to use for a pillow.

Gloves are a good idea. For footwear, bring non-marking trainers that you don’t mind getting wet – unless you have sailing boots of course. Be sure you have another pair of shoes to travel in that you can keep dry.

There is no room for cases.  You must use a soft bag for your kit.

If you follow those guidelines and pack as if for an outdoors or camping trip you’ll be fine. A suggested kit list is found in our crew handbook

You will be given a DSP branded rugby shirt when you arrive. If you would like to purchase any other DSP branded clothing before your trip, this is available here.

What should I expect?

Sailing is an adventure sport. Crew members will be participating in hoisting sails, cooking, steering the yacht and all other sailing activities. 

Our project operates within the strict limits set by the Scout Association and the MCA (Maritime and Coastguard Agency) for marine safety. Our skippers are commercially endorsed Yachtmasters, and each trip operates with suitable first aid facilities and practitioners onboard.

It is essential that you disclose in confidence any medical or dietary needs, any disabilities that crew members may have. This will be kept in confidence and only used to ensure crew members are safe and have a good trip. If there are any social or anxiety concerns that we should know about, please also let us know in confidence and we will try to help. Don’t let any such issues put you off!

How do I get there

What time will it start and finish

If you are coming on a group trip, please check with your organiser. Normally we moor the boat at lunchtime on the last day, feed the crew aboard and clean the boat together, then have crew ashore by 3 or 4pm ready for transport.

Trip Insurance

When travelling overseas you require a passport, EHIC card and travel insurance. See our insurance page.

We do recommend that you insure anything that you would be upset to lose – or even better don’t bring it. Clothes get snags, phones get wet, dropped or broken on boats. Best of all, don’t bring it. If you must bring it, consider insurance.