Our Yachts

Discovery DSP

Discovery DSP Seastream 445

Type: Cutter
Length: 43ft
Berths: 12
Built in 2000

Discovery DSP was built and designed specifically for the project’s Sail Training requirements. The most comfortable of the three yachts, Discovery DSP, has an inviting and spacious saloon.

Thermopylae Clipper

Thermopylae Clipper Colvic Clipper 60

Type: Cutter
Length: 60ft
Berths: 15
Built in 1996

Thermopylae clipper joined the project’s fleet in 2006. Prior to this it competed in 4 ‘round the world’ races under the names of City of London and City of Hong Kong.

Since arriving with us, it has taken part in the annual Tall Ships races; circumnavigated Great Britain; and sailed extensively in the North Sea, Baltic and voyages across to France, Spain and Portugal.

Alexander Fairey

Alexander Fairey Robertson Holiday 34

Type: Sloop
Length: 34ft
Berths: 8
Built in 1989

Alexander Fairey is our training boat, perfect for new sea staff to build upon their skills and confidence. We operate Alexander Fairey on behalf of the Alexander Fairey Memorial Trust. Alexander Fairey is available for charter to members of ASTO organisations, at very reasonable prices.

Availability for Alexander Fairey 2023

Track our boats

Both Discovery DSP and Thermopylae Clipper are equipped with an AIS transmitter (Automatic Identification System) which transmits details of their location, speed and course. Allowing you and other nearby vessels to see the yachts locations.

If the yachts are not showing it is possible that they are too far from an AIS-receiving station.

Thermopylae Clipper

Discovery DSP