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Youth Voyages

Youth voyages are our speciality.

We cater for groups of scouts, guides, sea cadets, sea rangers, boy’s brigade, schools, 6th form colleges and any other youth organisation.

During these voyages, all crew members work together to sail the boat, feed the crew, keep the boat clean, safe and tidy.

These tasks are all guided by the Sea Staff present on the boat and any adults who are part of the youth group.

From this people learn about sailing, cooking, cleaning, washing up and most importantly being a member of a well oiled team.

Youth voyages are usually booked by a group of people who come with their own leaders / teachers.

There are some voyages where individual youngsters can come on their own or with a friend.

A typical voyage is a weekend where the crew join the boat on a Friday evening when there will be  a skipper’s briefing on the safety aspects of being on the boat and the plans for the weekend.

The actual plan will depend on the weather and tides, but will generally mean sailing in the Solent and then moor either in a harbour on the Isle of Wight, or perhaps Portsmouth or Lymington.

On a 3 day cruise, it is likely that a night will be spent at Poole or Weymouth.

We offer 5 day cruises during the school half-term holidays, and a number of week trips during the summer holidays.

It is likely that we will cross the channel on the week cruises to France and or the Channel Isles.

All of these cruises can be tailored to your particular requirements, perhaps covering any organisational awards required.

Please contact us for further information, availability and booking.

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