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What others say

From a single mother with a 21 year old son who had no motivation, no job and no self esteem:

“The experience on the Sail Training Yacht has made a most fantastic difference to my son. In two weeks you have been able to do what we have failed in years. He has grown in self-esteem, looks people in the eye when he talks to them and has enrolled on a course to become an outdoor pursuits instructor. Thank you so much.”

From the 21 year old:

“I have never felt so good as I did after my voyage on Thermopylae. I find that I can now get up in the morning with more purpose in my life. Let me know when you want any help with the boats.”

A leader:

“I have been deeply impressed by how much you can achieve with these youngsters in a short space of time.  Sometimes an individual who normally lacks self-belief has got off the boat feeling two feet taller.”

And from young people themselves….

“It was one of the most enjoyable weekends that I have ever had.”

“Ideal for a team exercise as everyone had to contribute on the boat.!”

“You have to work as a team on the boat. If you don’t things will go wrong! Everything was well organised and was explained well. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss it.!”

“Despite the weather it was a very enjoyable experience. Everyone was involved and worked towards one goal. The Sea staff gave clear explanations of procedures and got everyone together working as a team.”

“It was a very exhilarating experience and something I have never done before. The nature of the experience means you have to work as a team. It was extremely effective.”